Beautifully crafted custom homes and outdoor living spaces

Maximized Project Value

Detailed Management

Superior Communication

Construction Projects Are Difficult and Expensive
And Can Have a Lot of Issues, if Not Managed Well.

Construction is the second most litigated industry in the US.


Over 70% of construction projects experience significant quality, budget and/or schedule issues.

Make Your Vision a Reality with Harpeth’s Master Builder Approach

Maximized Project Value

No matter the size of a project. It should look good, function well, and last a long time.

Detailed Management

Beginning with a realistic budget, then diligently controlling costs and schedule is the foundation of a successful project.

Superior Communication

Making decisions early, planning ahead, communicating with all stakeholders keeps a project on course.

Harpeth has Plenty of Experience and Expertise,
But It’s Our Master Builder Approach that Makes the Difference

We don’t just build structures. We build visions.

With Harpeth’s Master Builder approach, we partner with the client to make your vision a reality by helping with every aspect of the project.


Harpeth Team Experience and Expertise:

  • • Faith Based & Non-Profit Construction since 2004
  • • Real Estate Sales and Brokerage since 2004
  • • Consulting and Owner’s Representation since 2010
  • • Commercial Construction since 1995
  • • Real Estate Development since 1999
  • • Custom Home Building since 1999

Harpeth’s Master Builder Approach Works for a Wide Variety of Projects

Outdoor Spaces

Take These Steps to Make Your Vision a Reality


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Follow Harpeth's Master Builder Approach


Get the Vision Without the Nightmare


You will get direct, honest, straight forward answers to your questions.

We will give you an honest assessment of your project, good or bad.

You will be treated with the highest level of respect.


What is a Master Builder?

A Master Builder works with the client to develop the project as a whole, taking into consideration all components of a project. The Master Builder then becomes the client’s advocate, ensuring that every aspect of the project is executed according to the client’s expectations and resources.

With over 70% of projects experiencing significant issues, the likelihood of having difficulties with your project is very high. With Harpeth’s proven Master Builder approach, we help you to get the vision without experiencing the nightmare of a difficult project.

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Harpeth Builders is one part of several organizations that provide a full range of services.

  • Faith-Based/Non-Profit
  • Planning Architecture
  • Construction Management

  • Site/Facility Documentation
  • Site/Facility Assessment
  • Site/Facility Development

  • New Construction
  • Remodels
  • Outdoor Spaces

  • Church & Non-Profit Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Game-Plan Sessions